Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Missing Peace: whois "go" daddy?"

To learn FBI facts were nothing but lies. My signal is fading. Learn from me. The only thing that keeps me on the radar is F-bombs. I may be the spawn of Satan or the omen child my mother sees as her cross to bear; but I want to believe in something. Justice for All. I am here now to tell my story.

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In Philadelphia, as in most big-city police departments, there is little or no money for informants. Yet cops on the street routinely pay $10 or $20 for information. "It adds up," says Blondie, who estimates that each of the officers in Five Squad was shelling out as much as $50 a week for tips. "I'd have more chance of being elected Governor than I would trying to get money out of the department for informants," says Blondie. "The bosses' view is that we had the best jobs. We wore soft clothes, worked our own hours and made tons of overtime. The brass viewed paying informants out of our own pocket as just a cost of doing business."

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TIME Surrender Immediately

Shortly after dawn one day last week, about 200 policemen surrounded a three-story brick house in Philadelphia, "Surrender immediately," demanded an officer through a bullhorn. The shouted reply: "You'll have to bring us out dead." The speaker was Chuckie Africa, a spokesman for the house's residents, all members of MOVE, a radical back-to-nature cult that had staved off eviction for 15 months (TIME, Aug. 14).

The cultists screamed obscenities and their children cried, police used a bulldozer to knock down a wooden barricade and a crane to knock out windows. Firemen pumped streams of water through a cellar window, sending rats, dogs and people scurrying to safety. Suddenly, shots rang out. Police lobbed tear gas and smoke bombs into the house. After 45 minutes, the MOVE members —twelve adults and eleven children—stumbled out. The toll: one policeman dead; seven policemen, five firemen, three MOVE members and three bystanders wounded.

The cult members were taken to jail and charged with murder. The children were washed, deloused and turned over to city welfare agencies. The house was leveled to the ground by a wrecking crew.