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YOU BET YOUR LIFE IT IS... YOU BET YOUR LIFE! apathy... it never really happened until it happens to you! #apathy #WEareNASHVILLE #dealwithit #BlackSheep #family #ONE #KnewWords #KnowWords

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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add your name to the list.... they can't kill us all (or can they)  

There are no winners here. Wake Up America!
Stop blaming everybody else for your own damn mistakes.

This is far from over... "I will not be ignored and I will not be forgotten" The Powers That Beat

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Teacher Left Behind.

Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:49:47 -0400
From: Elyssa Durant

To the Editor:

The City Paper featured a front-page story (“Metro School district
begins revamp of failing elementary, middle school,” May 21, 2007)
that completely sugar-coated the situation in two metro middle
schools that have fired (via involuntary transfer) the entire staff
and faculty as a result of their failure to meet NCLB benchmarks.

For the last 5 weeks, I have been working as a substitute teacher at
Jere Baxter Middle School and the experience has shaken me to the
core. Everything I used to believe about school finance reform has
been turned upside down. Jere Baxter is a Title I school with
access to numerous resources including a math specialist on site
full time, district mentors to advise and assist new teachers.
They have mental health specialists come into several classrooms on
a weekly basis, and it is not uncommon to see caseworkers and
prevention specialists from a variety of community agencies on

However, despite the plethora of enhancement activities and access
to resource materials, the majority of the 7th and 8th graders do
not know simple math such as long division, subtraction (if they
have to carry the one) or their times tables. You could throw a
million dollars into this school, and it would not make a bit of

For the first two weeks, I was assigned to a self-contained
classroom At one point, the Assistant Principal walked in,
observed the children, and even acknowledged the small black and
white television hidden in the teachers aide desk tuned in to the
Young and the Restless. She smiled and walked out. Apparently,
she did not have a problem with the children watching Tom & Jerry,
Sponge Bob and BET music videos from 10 a.m. through dismissal. A
few days later, I gave a make-up assignment during the students
“free time,” (lunch-time through dismissal) and I was told that my
expectations were simply too high. That class in particular lost
15 teachers this year alone—16 including myself.

The children are running the show at Baxter and they know it. The
faculty receives little, if any, support from the administration.
As a result, the majority of the teachers have simply given up.
Dealing with disciplinary problems has become the primary focus in
the classroom displacing teaching, learning, and cooperation.

The numerous behavioral disruptions that occur each and every day
prompted the administrators to pull the most effective teachers out
of the classroom to enforce (or re-enforce) school policy while
their classrooms remained empty or were covered by floating
substitute teachers.

The children are completely out of control and simply refuse to do
any work. I was told not to give any student a grade below 75--
even the one who threw his crumpled up science assignment in my
face and walked out of class shouting profanities. What the
students have learned is that there will be no consequences for
inappropriate behavior or actions. The administration treats
teachers with complete disrespect: in front of students, teachers,
and guests, completely undermining any sense of autonomy, authority
or cohesiveness. Even I was embarrassed for them, and I was only
there for a few weeks!

This is a classic example of a top-down policy failure. As a policy
analyst, I always advocated for equity in education, and believed on
some level that throwing money into poor schools (poor performance &
achievement records to disadvantaged students) might help level the
playing field for disadvantaged schools, translating into better
outcomes for students and the community.

The City Paper glossed over the magnitude of this desperate
situation by calling it a “fresh start.” These teachers have been
treated poorly enough by students and administrators, and now we
have a number of young professionals who are underpaid, uncertain,
and unemployed. We all know that teacher pay is ridiculous to
begin with, but coupled with the added stress of the re-application
process, Metro may lose a large number of educated, motivated,
displaced educators to surrounding districts, counties, and states.
This is simply ridiculous. By cleaning house, Baxter will lose the
few experienced, dedicated teachers they have, prompt the younger
set to leave the profession all together, and discourage future
teachers from applying for jobs in Metro.

Everything we know about the positive outcomes in neighborhood
schools is their strong reliance upon community buy-in and parental
involvement. One thing that makes magnet, lottery, charter schools,
parochial, and private schools so good is the fact that parents,
teachers, students, and administrators fight to get in, and fight
to stay there. The act of choosing, in effect, leads to an
enhanced sense of community and builds a supportive, consistent,
and structured environment. Calling this decision a fresh start is
ridiculous-- it would be more accurate to call it a very bad ending!

In this case, No Child Left Behind is, in effect, leaving No Teachers Left Behind.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee

"The paradox of education is precisely this-- that as one begins to
become educated, one begins to examine the society in which he [or
she] is being educated." - Baldwin

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"The paradox of education is precisely this-- that as one begins to
become educated, one begins to examine the society in which he [or
she] is being educated." - Baldwin

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WACKENHUT!! Personal Data File Submission Error by State of TN AGAIN! Disclosed ...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elyssa D'Educrat <>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 15:13:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [The Powers That Beat] File Submission Error by State of TN
AGAIN! Disclosed ...

TennCare Officials Move Quickly to Correct Problem Created by Mailing

Released on Fri, Feb 19, 2010 - 5:00 pm under TennCare
File Submission Error Affects a Limited Number of Enrollees

NASHVILLE – An incorrect electronic file submission sent to TennCare's
system caused information for some enrollees to be sent to incorrect
addresses statewide. Approximately 3,900 enrollees were affected when
letters and cards that contained one or more pieces of personal
information were sent to incorrect addresses. The error was the result
of a modification to the system that pulls addresses into an electronic
file for TennCare. An error caused by the system modification corrupted
the file.

"Fortunately, we noticed the problem early and stopped additional
mailings. We worked closely with other state agencies to correct the
information in the system, investigate how the error occurred and
determine how many enrollees were affected," said TennCare Director
Darin Gordon. "We also have put in place protocols to help ensure such
an error doesn't occur again."

Although there is no evidence that this information has been improperly
accessed or misused in any way, TennCare is providing all affected
enrollees one year of free comprehensive identity theft safeguards
provided by Kroll Inc. that includes continuous credit monitoring, as
well as enhanced identity theft consultation and restoration services.
Enrollees whose personal information was affected will be notified by
mail the week of February 22. Included in the mailing to affected
enrollees, will be the type of information that was disclosed – such as
name, date of birth, and Social Security number – and detailed
information on how to sign up for Kroll's identity theft safeguards
that are being offered. The identity theft services are offered to
affected enrollees free of charge. Enrollees need to review the mailing
to understand the type of services offered, sign up for the free
services, and check their credit report on a frequent basis.

A dedicated call center will be available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. CST, starting Monday, February 22, for enrollees who have
questions about the mailing. The call center, operated by Kroll Fraud
Solution Customer Service Specialists, will be able to answer further
questions about the incident, and provide additional details about the
identity theft safeguards being offered. The number for the call center
is 1-877-309-0010. Basic information about the mailing is available on
TennCare's Web site

"On a daily basis, we receive more than a million electronic records
from entities with which we do business," said Gordon. "We have systems
in place to ensure that data is correct. Unfortunately, in this case,
the files were corrupt. The quick action taken by staff who detected
the issue, however, prevented the situation from escalating further."
Personal information of the affected enrollees was immediately
corrected in the system, and the information was re-mailed to the
correct addresses. Enrollees who received an incorrect mailing are
urged to simply leave the letter or card in its original envelope and
write "return to sender" on the outside of the envelope. No postage is

TennCare and the Department of Human Services, which helps provide
eligibility determination services, have reviewed and strengthened the
protocol to help safeguard against this type of system error. In the
future, these file transfers will undergo more intense analysis and
testing to ensure that accurate data is sent..


Posted By Elyssa D'Educrat to The Powers That Beat at 4/02/2010
05:13:00 PM
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Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 424-8810

"You may not care how much I know, but you don't know how much I care."

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Defense News - MoD Postpones Search for New U.K. Materiel Chief
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Understanding the Value of Web-Based Audio Conferencing

Join this TechRepublic Webcast to explore the top concerns for telecom
buyers in 2010 and discuss how Web-based audio conferencing enables
organizations to better manage users and costs.

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Fighter jet's costs jump more than 50 percent

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costs for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have ballooned more than 50
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U.S. Army Requests Permission To Modify Strykers

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members of the House Armed Services air and land forces subcommittee
March 10. "Our goal is to...
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Sweden's 2009 arms sales shot up


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 11 (UPI) -- Sweden in 2009 sold arms worth
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government agency said. "Of the total defense materiel exports, 80
percent went to well-established partner countries, both within the EU
and to countries like South...
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Opening up government data 'will deliver £6bn boost'

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JSF Costs Rocket 50 Percent

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The Pentagon will tell Congress that the Joint Strike Fighter is
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the Nunn-McCurdy cost limits ?in a few days,? Pentagon acquisition
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the committee the...
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GeoEye Selects Lockheed Martin to Begin Engineering and Manufacturing
of GeoEye-2, the Company's Next Commercial Earth-Imaging Satellite

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Nexter Joins Swedish Armored Vehicle Contest

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LM selected for MK 41 launcher support


BALTIMORE, March 11 (UPI) -- Defense company Lockheed Martin was
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destroyers vertical launching technology. Lockheed Martin announced it
received the contract to support the MK 41 Vertical Launching System,
which supports ship...
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U.S. Navy contract for MK 41 vertical launching system
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St. Louis could lose its first stainless steel landmark

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Valley National Bank Acquires Deposits And Certain Assets Of
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India confirms move to buy C-17 aircraft


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10 Boeing heavy-lift C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to replace Russian
IL-76 transporters, the defense minister said. Defense Minister A.K.
Antony confirmed to Parliament that a letter of request was issued to
Washington for...
Defense News - Minister Confirms India's Request To Buy U.S. C-17s
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Former DHS chief: Cyber ShockWave exposed missing links in U.S. security

Federal Computer Week

COMMENTARY Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, who took part in the
event, offers steps government and industry should take In
mid-February the Bipartisan Policy Council hosted Cyber ShockWave, a
simulation of how our nation might respond to a catastrophic cyber
event. The simulation was...
Government Computer News - Cyber ShockWave exposed missing links in
U.S. security
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Watchdogs applaud earmark ban, wonder about loopholes

Government Executive

Government watchdog groups Wednesday welcomed House Democrats' ban on
earmarks benefiting for-profit companies but said more needed to be
done, and they raised concerns that the move could make the earmark
process less transparent."On face value, it's a good first step and I
hope it's the...
Washington Post - House Democrats ban earmarks for private contractors
Washington Post - Democrats ban earmarks to for-profit companies as
GOP leaders urge complete moratorium
Minnapolis Star Tribune - Democrats at Odds on Banning Earmarks to
Companies (Update1)
BusinessWeek - Democrats Disagree on Banning Earmarks to Private Companies
BusinessWeek - House Democrats seek to limit earmarks to show
commitment to ethics
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SAIC to support C2 software development


MCLEAN, Va., March 11 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy selected Science
Applications International Corp. engineering for the development of
command-and-control software. U.S. company SAIC announced it will
support a command-and-control software development initiative as part
of a...
Washington Technology - SAIC secures $625M Navy award
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Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 424-8810

"You may not care how much I know, but you don't know how much I care."


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Mobile Offers a Good Chance to Connect with Hispanics

Why Mobile Offers a Good Chance to Connect with Hispanics

JUNE 25, 2010

Young mobile population eager to communicate and connect

Like many Americans, Hispanics love their mobile phones and take them everywhere, more than non-Hispanic whites and, in many cases, more than blacks.

"Hispanics cannot imagine daily life without their mobile phones and credit the technology with strengthening relationships and keeping them connected to their social world, not just friends and family," said Lisa E. Phillips, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report "Hispanic Mobile Users and Usage." "Marketers who are just turning to mobile will find a market well ahead of them."

Hispanic mobile phone users are younger than the Hispanic Internet population, according to eMarketer estimates and comScore: 50.7% of mobile phone users are between 18 and 34 years of age compared with 35.6% in the same age group among Hispanic Internet users. The Hispanic mobile phone population skews even more male than the general population: 55.6% of mobile phone users are male, compared with 51% of males in the Hispanic population.

Hispanics lead all other groups in wireless-only households. And while Hispanics lag behind other ethnicities in having broadband Internet access at home, a full 78% of Hispanic mobile Internet users have some form of Internet access at home.

"In-store mobile marketing is the next big thing," said Ms. Phillips. "Hispanics are not big online buyers, but they are using their mobile phones to check out products and deals while standing in the store aisles."

Like most other consumers, Hispanic shoppers are looking for good deals. They use mobile devices to check on prices, product information and inventory while shopping in a store, according to a Sterling Commerce survey.

Retailers take note: Hispanics who are shopping in-store want to buy the product then and there. If they do not find it, 29% said they would use their mobile phone to locate an out-of-stock item at a competing retailer.

The full report, "Hispanic Mobile Users and Usage," also answers these key questions:

What does the Hispanic mobile market look like?

Which mobile devices do Hispanics use to go online?

Are Hispanics amenable to viewing mobile advertising?

How can marketers reach this mobile audience?

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
Cell (615) 497-5154

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