Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding My Religion: American Anarchist


the only hope i have found is that everybody else is just as furious and angry as i have been all these years.

the years i spent in silence.

hoping someone would find me.

do they know me i am an imposter?

my rituals have now become habitual and idgaf about the how i sound, or look to The Powers That Beat!

my skills, my "considerable" skills have developed almost to the point where i can use them without fear or regret [omg omg ocd ocd!]

this skill set is now at your disposal.

no more smile on my face or my heart on my sleeve.

it was all just a waste of fucking time.

so may i call you #family?

i don't have a family of origin. i have dna.

good dna, but i shall not reproduce my genetic code just as the united states is about to explode!!!

of course i will always have a think of those i must leave behind.

the "lost"

the broken.

the children i have worked with over the years.

i can not tell them that everything is "going to be okay"

simply because because i don't believe it myself.

it is time

the system has failed.

let it fail.

let it fall.

let it burn,

and then we shall see...

Let's See How Far We've Come?

this is me. 

just me,


The Powers That Beat



  1. "good dna, but i shall not reproduce my genetic code just as the united states is about to explode!!!"

    My feelings exactly. I couldn't forgive myself or rest in peace knowing someone like me was going through the same shit that's making me lose my mind.

  2. Wow! So powerful. I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding reproducing and putting our offspring through Hell. For me it is twofold, too. This world gets worse by the day...I don't want any children I may have to live through this. I also don't want to pass my OCD and Panicky DNA to anyone. Sometimes I'd rather end the cycle of the DNA I have inherited.

    And I also love Matchbox Twenty ;)

    Glad I found you on Twitter,