Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vanderbilt University Slashes Student Loans

Vanderbilt University slashes student loans
Updated: Nov 1, 2008 04:49 PM CDT

how quickly they forget!

In what Universe does this make sense...????

If this policy is intended to open the door to all students, then why does the University require students to disclose their parent’s income? The last time I checked, the application to the graduate school required a financial statement of disclosure-- not just from students, there parents too. This always seemed odd, especially for graduate students over the age of 18.

If financial need is no longer a factor, then presumably the University has waived all fees associated with the application process, right? Perhaps this statement was issued in anticipation of the HUGE, HUGE, loss of the endowment fund???

I guess that makes some people believe the University is more focused on learning than with earnings, well, then...I hope you have a more convincing argument than this! Who knows, maybe they might even cut you a little slack in light of the disastrous financial disclosures. I truly hope you do call me when you launch your next “giving campaign. “ I would personally rather donate to sharks.

To say that “hard working, great kids ...who want to be at Vanderbilt," will be able to attend for free, makes you sound like an idiot. It also sounds like a public relations disaster just waiting to happen.

Now c'mon, Zeppos-- I thought you were one of the good guys? Don't be saying stupid things like that!

No wonder you guys are going broke!
Originally published 2/9/09... I was making $10.46/hr at Jere Baxter.  Vanderbilt sued me for $3000.  I can't even afford the application fee....

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Unemployed & Angry as Hell
Nashville, TN   USA

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