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WACKENHUT!! Personal Data File Submission Error by State of TN AGAIN! Disclosed ...

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AGAIN! Disclosed ...

TennCare Officials Move Quickly to Correct Problem Created by Mailing

Released on Fri, Feb 19, 2010 - 5:00 pm under TennCare
File Submission Error Affects a Limited Number of Enrollees

NASHVILLE – An incorrect electronic file submission sent to TennCare's
system caused information for some enrollees to be sent to incorrect
addresses statewide. Approximately 3,900 enrollees were affected when
letters and cards that contained one or more pieces of personal
information were sent to incorrect addresses. The error was the result
of a modification to the system that pulls addresses into an electronic
file for TennCare. An error caused by the system modification corrupted
the file.

"Fortunately, we noticed the problem early and stopped additional
mailings. We worked closely with other state agencies to correct the
information in the system, investigate how the error occurred and
determine how many enrollees were affected," said TennCare Director
Darin Gordon. "We also have put in place protocols to help ensure such
an error doesn't occur again."

Although there is no evidence that this information has been improperly
accessed or misused in any way, TennCare is providing all affected
enrollees one year of free comprehensive identity theft safeguards
provided by Kroll Inc. that includes continuous credit monitoring, as
well as enhanced identity theft consultation and restoration services.
Enrollees whose personal information was affected will be notified by
mail the week of February 22. Included in the mailing to affected
enrollees, will be the type of information that was disclosed – such as
name, date of birth, and Social Security number – and detailed
information on how to sign up for Kroll's identity theft safeguards
that are being offered. The identity theft services are offered to
affected enrollees free of charge. Enrollees need to review the mailing
to understand the type of services offered, sign up for the free
services, and check their credit report on a frequent basis.

A dedicated call center will be available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. CST, starting Monday, February 22, for enrollees who have
questions about the mailing. The call center, operated by Kroll Fraud
Solution Customer Service Specialists, will be able to answer further
questions about the incident, and provide additional details about the
identity theft safeguards being offered. The number for the call center
is 1-877-309-0010. Basic information about the mailing is available on
TennCare's Web site

"On a daily basis, we receive more than a million electronic records
from entities with which we do business," said Gordon. "We have systems
in place to ensure that data is correct. Unfortunately, in this case,
the files were corrupt. The quick action taken by staff who detected
the issue, however, prevented the situation from escalating further."
Personal information of the affected enrollees was immediately
corrected in the system, and the information was re-mailed to the
correct addresses. Enrollees who received an incorrect mailing are
urged to simply leave the letter or card in its original envelope and
write "return to sender" on the outside of the envelope. No postage is

TennCare and the Department of Human Services, which helps provide
eligibility determination services, have reviewed and strengthened the
protocol to help safeguard against this type of system error. In the
future, these file transfers will undergo more intense analysis and
testing to ensure that accurate data is sent..


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