Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comcast Must Die!

Internet connection craptastic?
The Internet helped me get through some of the longest nights of my life.

I am only one voice, and I am only one person, but it helped me feel just a little connected to the human race.

During the silent hours in the dead of night, I can always find a voice to keep me company.

When there is no one listening, there is something to read. I found comfort in knowing that I was not completely alone in my krazy world.

There are so many others out who are forced into silence, and I need the Internet to feel connected to this world. When we live in a society that is completely fragmented and near broken beyond repair, I look toward the web for a place to connect.

The Digital Divide is bad enough. The United States is broken beyond repair. We need to move forward towards this e-volution. Please do not remove the one lifeline I have left to the outside world. There are so many people out there like me deserve to be heard.  Please Save The Internet.

Elyssa Durant 
Nashville, TN
Reality Bytes

Save the Internet Now!


  1. Comcast is evil.

    I miss you already - did u and spotty crash out?

  2. hifrommes..what!!a world without your lovin givin SCREAM!!! thats a hell i dont wanna hear or feel.
    amanythanks for your so honenst