Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Powers That Beat: Social Services Fails to Prevent Homelessness

The Powers That Beat: Social Services Fails to Prevent Homelessness

Start here. See if you can follow. I am now homeless, because the crazy roommate locked me out and MDHA fucked up big time.

After reporting a shooting and working WITH the cops to help curb the violence and drug activity in my community, they discovered that the maintenance man was a house arrest due to a drug conviction. The same maintenance man who had a key to my apt and would frequently enter without prior notification and on multiple occasions when I was not at home.

After calling the non-emergency police hot line 32 times to report excessive traffic and drug activity in my building without response, the next call I made was to 911 to report gun fire in the apartment directly downstairs. I'm a New Yorker. My dad was a fed.  I Lived through 9/11. I worked as a crisis intervention specialist under contract for Level II and Level III adolescents in state custody (Tennessee Dept of Children's Services)

I am no stranger to violence.

Notified the other day by DHS that I have no tenncare 8/14/09 but state records have me enrolled as active. SSA says I don't, now DHS says I don't but they won't take an appeal because the state says I do! WTF???

Then, they cut my food stamps off because the homeless do not have to pay rent or utilities.

MDHA still hasn't recerted, but they continued to pay rent 4 months after I moved out and sent the renewal papers to my old apt because they were unaware that I was evicted and sued for $4.50.  

Fair housing keeps asking for proof that I made due diligent effort, so tied me with bullshit looking for any and every excuse to blame it on me.

Couldn't find a new apt because it shows up as an eviction.  There's more, and everything is documented.
Oh yeah, my TennCare was terminated on 8/14/2009.  I never an RFI (Request for Information) or reason for this redetermination.  No one calls me back,

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