Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gov Phil won't spend support the pill! [Responding to your message]

Now if how many young woman I have spoken with who actually consider
getting pregnant as a means to obtain healthcare in Tennessee.
Phuck Phil!

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May 12, 2010

Dear Elyssa:

Thank you for writing to me about HB2681, a bill that would prohibit any
health care plan, public or private, that provides coverage through an
exchange contemplated by the new federal health care legislation from
offering coverage for abortion services, regardless of whether such
services were paid from public or private funds.

While I am concerned about potential unintended consequences of this
legislation, I have allowed this bill to become law without my
signature. I have long opposed the use of public funds to provide
abortion services, but his bill creates a prohibition much broader than
that found in current law and could unintentionally impact the quality
of health care options for Tennessee.

Instead of prudently ensuring that existing prohibitions on the use of
public funds for abortion are applied to the operation of health care
exchanges, this bill will impose a broad new restriction on the private
insurance market and damage our ability to serve our citizens, including
those who are opposed to abortion and would have no interest in that
specific coverage. Moreover, this new restriction on private companies
would not provide longstanding reasonable exceptions for cases of rape,
incest and protection of the lives of mothers.

Since the health care exchanges impacted by the law will not become
operational until 2014, the General Assembly will have the time to
rethink this issue and address these concerns. In my message to the
Speaker of the House, I encouraged the General Assembly to rethink this
issue and approve a narrower and more conservative approach to this

Warmest regards,

Phil Bredesen


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