Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Twanks" A Special Gift from Across the Pond

rmolden's TweetMic recording

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Thank you for putting your personal touch and flair into a special tribute to those who have touched your life. We should all be so generous.

Always remember that it is far more productive to give tell someone they have done something right, rather than be critical when they happen to do wrong. We should all be so generous with our words, I have decided to share this very special message with all of you.

You can hear more Twitter Chatter and the voice of Richard Molden at:


  1. This is a personal thank you to @rmolden who made this very special recording. Twank you ;-)
    ElyssaD You can hear more of his refcordings by follwoing him on the Twitter at

  2. LOVE the blog, Elyssa. Why don't you have the 'Followers' enabled so we can subscribe?